Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Always a work in progress

I have finally figured out how to post our designs, but I would like to fiddle with them a bit more. So here are some, just a small few. If you are interested in purchasing any of these this is how it all works...
Band: $20
Watch Face $15
Earrings $10
Whole watch complete with band and face $30
All of this includes shipping (domestic).
If you would like earrings or a bracelet to match the watch the bracelet would be $15 to make and the earrings stay the same.
If you would like the whole ensemble: Priceless (LOL)
No really, for Band, Watch Face, Earrings to match and Bracelet to coordinate or match $45 again shipping is always included.
I will be sure to post the rest of our designs more every night, hope you all enjoy and Lacey and I would love to hear any feedback from anyone, so please feel free to post a comment.
Ginger & Lace
ALSO, if you are interested in throwing a party we will travel a bit of distance, and our prices are reasonably out of this world! I think anyone who throws the party would be pleasantly surprised how well things go, and how smoothly it is for you the host.

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