Saturday, October 16, 2010

For all of you that went to the Avon and Jewelry Open House last night, thank you! You know when you go into something like this you just are quite sure how it will turn out, but I do believe we had a turn out of at least over 60 people, so hopefully our name got out there and we can see if we can get this all up and really going. The Breast Cancer Awareness watches sold like wild fire last night.
Next up you can find us at the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar. My friend Ashley who has Lyme disease and some of her other Lyme "family" have created a website and have invited us to be part of their Holiday Bazaar. As soon as I get all of the information I will post it, but just so everyone knows, ANYTHING that is sold that has to do with Lyme awareness that we sell 50% of profits go straight back to them. Short of the long (and I do encourage each and everyone of you to read some of these blogs that Ashley and her friends have written about) because the Government does not look at Lyme disease as an actual disability, some forms of the disease however are debilitating. This being the reason a lot of people with the disease cannot work, BUT cannot get any sort of disability either! So I would like to do my part, and I hope that you will all at least look at the booths that they have on their bazaar (because I must say, the people on there are amazingly talented, and I am not talking about Ginger & Lace, I feel blessed just to be asked to be a part of it!)
Enough about that, I will be posting pictures from last night very soon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, they go by way too short!

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